Bri-Air combines reliability with many years’ experience and a customer-focussed approach.  When issues are found during qualifications, Bri-Air works collaboratively to resolve these to ensure that the client’s facility can be qualified and returned to normal operations wherever possible.

The high standard of reports provided is just an added bonus.

We would definitely recommend Bri-Air for the excellent service they provide.


Precision Cleanrooms Ltd 

Having used Bri-Air for a number of years,  I have always found them helpful and able to meet our needs at sometimes very short notice. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

 Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust 

We have been using Bri-Air for as long as I can remember to carry out our cleanroom validations.

I would recommend Bri-Air to other Hospitals because they are reliable, professional, knowledgeable polite and value for money.

Bri-Air comes every month without fail and it only takes a week to receive the report back,which takes away the worry of your clean room.

They also work on a weekends, so not to disrupt our working week.


Worcestershire Royal Hospital - Aseptics

We have used Bri-Air’s services for two decades and were never disappointed with the high quality and standard of the company’s work. I highly recommend Bri-Air to other hospitals due to the professionalism and brilliant service.

Spire Parkway & Leicester Hospitals - Aseptics


Bri-Air Validation Service have been carrying out testing of our facilities for over a decade.

I am very happy with their quality of work reliability and their prices.

I would recommend them anyone.

Worcester Royal & Alexandra Hospitals - Sterile Services