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Cleanroom Validation Services

Bri-Air Validation Services Ltd is an independent provider of specialist cleanroom testing services to many NHS and private hospitals. Bri-Air was established after the closure of Quality Control West Midlands. It's staff have been  providing affordable high quality testing for over a decade. Operating from offices in the Midlands, our team of certified cleanroom consultants have extensive experience in validating cleanrooms, clean air devices, sterile services, fertility centres and operating theatres.

During the lifetime of a cleanroom environment, the room must be frequently tested to ensure it continues to comply with the initial design standard. Testing should therefore be undertaken at regular intervals to ensure the room and clean air supply remains fit for purpose throughout its working life. The same principles apply to clean air devices such as isolators and laminar flow cabinets.

Our cleanroom validation specialists can carry out all routine cleanroom testing to meet the requirements laid down in BS EN ISO 14644, BS EN 12469:2000, EU cGMP (Orange Guide) and HTM-03. We use state of the art equipment maintained and calibrated to the latest standards.

Our reports are clear, concise and designed to satisfy the requirments of regulatory bodies including the MHRA, HFEA and third party audits. Sample reports are available on request.

Our services include:


  • Filter integrity testing (DOP testing)
  • Measurement of air supply/extract rates
  • Measurement of air change rates
  • Measurement of air velocities in isolators & LAF cabinets
  • Measurement of pressure differentials
  • Sampling for airborne particles
  • Sampling for airborne microbial contamination
  • Surface sampling for microbial contamination










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